Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Love (Part One)

White dress (altered by me) - $5 op-shop
Green vintage scarf - $1 op-shop many years ago
Red vintage scarf - nicked from my mum long ago
Tan leather platform heels - $30 Wittner sale (were $170)
Little dude wears Paris souvenir tee - 50cents op-shop

There are a few items which are found in abundance in every op-shop I've visited in the last ten years, so if you're in the market for any of the following I advise you to hotfoot it down to your local charity emporium:

- unused foot spas still in the box (I often see those left by the side of the road as well),
- cheap champagne flutes decorated with dates and names in glitter pen, presumably given as favours at weddings "Gary & Leanne 26~02~05",
- Home made quilted country crafts style padded photo frames, gone a bit mangy round the edges,
- lime green and bright orange things left over from the Great Citrus Fiasco of 97/98,
- really cheap looking iridescent dolphin figurines,
- pewter coloured mid-heel clumpy pumps (I don't remember those ever being in fashion, why are there so many of them?),
- long sleeved mesh shirts with pictures of Buddha on them,
- long, frumpy dresses of indeterminate age, indifferent fabrication and nil potential.

Eyes closed as I contemplate Higher Matters.

Those long frumpy frocks are found in plague proportions, and apart from fundamentalist Christian ladies with a yen for a bushel of thrifty modest dresses, I cannot imagine who buys them. Yet they continue to appear, year after year with no sign of abating any time soon. A while ago I decided that I would make it my mission to try and wrestle some of these sorry sacks into submission with my trusty sewing machine and native rat cunning. The first candidate for redemption is this white cotton button-through beast, and with a bit of hem hacking and judicious belting I think it is just about acceptable.

Now one of the things about me is that I am blessed with a torso of magnificent oblongitude, with nary a waist to be seen - and natural waisted dresses really do need a waist to work with (or I suppose they'd be called natural oblong dresses instead). Obviously the belt is the natural ally of the natural oblong, in this instance knotted together from two vintage scarves from deep in the heathen wilds of my untamed scarf drawer.

I used to have lots of vintage souvenir scarves, but I never wore them and over the years they drifted away from the flock, until only these two remain. I seem to have sublimated the urge to collect souvenir scarves into the urge to collect toddler sized souvenir t-shirts instead - the little dude has shekels of them accumulating as we speak, both gifts from afar and scavenged by me.

That's Paris, France in case you were wondering - not Paris, Hilton or Paris, Texas. Among others there is Bali, Tahiti, Sicily, Australia (various), NYC and one just arrived in the mail from Tenerife in the Canary Islands today. I think people consider souvenir t-shirts much too tacky to put on their kidlets, so these are received as gifts then dumped in op-shops unworn to wait for the little dude to bring them back into the fold.

Nothing modest about these little beauties - in fact I'm sorry to say that the narrow heel+chunky platform = stripper equation is in play here. Wearing these today I did feel like perhaps I ought to be wrapped around a pole in a golf themed strip joint somewhere (let's call it The Hole in One) trying to rustle up tips from a bunch of sunburned middle aged guys in plaid pants.

Luckily I had my white dress and a handy toddler nearby to remind me of my proper station as wife and mother!

Tomorrow I will present part two of this revival meeting, wherein another frock will be saved from the fires of frumpishness and the endless damnation of dagginess, so be sure and attend!

PS. Here is one of my biggest (and littlest) loves posing in my spot today - I had to evict him before I could take my photos, and as you can see above my eviction wasn't exactly successful. Possibly an exorcism might have done the trick, but I love my little fiend far too much!


Kat said...

I love the souvenir tshirts on the kids. It's one of the first things we buy when we go travelling :)

that white dress didn't scrub up too badly.

Hammie said...

Those T-shirts are discarded by resentful children whose parents go on cruises and world trips and bring back nothing but tat for grandchildren! (what? No Chanel??? feck!)

I like them though and am glad to hear little dude is getting the use and is posing up a storm BTW! Me senses naptimes are shortening hey Skye??

Lovely scarves, got two little beautys in Ballarat recently: scenes from New Zealand including "deer stalkers" and one with an inexplicable "Australian Rodeo" with the prettiest and gayest cowboy since Brokeback. Took 3 washes with eucalyptus oil to get the Nana smell out though! xx

Hammie said...

Did blogger just eat that comment?

Shannon (A beautiful Dream) said...

LOL at the cheap dolphin figurines - it's like a damn plague!

I love your dress hacking. I'm so jealous of you ( and Andrea from impossibly coloured cat) for your ability to turn trash into treasure. Every time I try I end up looking... well, trashy. You have a gift!

Yu said...

Hi, i love your blog which is why i'm presenting you with a Lemonade award. come check it out on my website!

ginchyworld said...

Awesome job on the dress.

I'm not averse to buying my little tacker souvenir t-shirts. Although I do save all the kitsch clothing for her wardrobe not mine.

I have noticed the same thing about charity shops and their contents. The only thing you appear to have missed is the shelves of chick lit and the random pile of jigsaw puzzles with pieces missing.

Ms Unreliable said...

Love the white dress conversion, and heaven knows there are plenty of those dresses on offer!

Love the souvenir shirt too, one of my friends just brought back a shirt from that was for the tiny country NSW town that my mister grew up in...from Dubai! Craziness!

WendyB said...

Those are the cutest pictures. He's a ham!

Sal said...

I'm SO GLAD he refused to be evicted. That little munchkin makes me gleeful.

I cannot believe that long white monstrosity is even the same dress. Ya done good, lady.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-the little dude has virtually upstaged you, LOL!! He's totally adorable and you did fantastic with the dress too, I really love it!

K.Line said...

Hilarious post, Skye. I love the Great Citrus Fiasco of 97 :-) It's funny cuz it's true!

And that baby is growing up. So adorable...

Make Do Style said...

Delightful dude and great alteration to dress. your stripper platforms are divine!

mummabee said...

I actually really like that white dress! Well now after your doctoring anyway. Little dude is predictably scrumptious! I love that t shirt and no pants look, wish I could still get away with it.....LOL

Chantelle said...

Oh he's too cute.

I'm glad you picked up some bargains in that crazy Wittner sale. I got a few pairs too, and then called every girl I knew. The prices were crazy!

Hello Little Dude. You're so cute. x

katiecrackernuts said...

Honestly, why do people buy things full price. I have a post coming about a skirt I saw at Colorado for $90 and the week later bought for $40. Do people seriously buy full price, or do they, like me, wait for the price to drop? I love the list of op shop perennials. In my head I was just going: "Check. Check. Yeap. Check."

Hippy Chic said...

I just hemmed a dress today, and really love the finished look, seems like we have similar craft projects. This white dress is so much better short, those sleeves are fantastic. grand job!

thevintageyear said...

You're right about the long dress thing, it seems that many people have previously liked appearing as though they didn't have legs. The white dress looks great after the hemming, I like the sleeves :) & little dude is so cute!

emma_G said...

Was flicking through the current issue of Cleo to see those wittner shoes. Super lucky to get them for onl $30.

Mila said...

Hi gorgeous and sweet little gorgeous!

Ooh, i just LOVE that white, beautiful dress on you.
And that little boy, i want to steal him... <333


Tara said...

Aww you & the little dude make a very stylish pair indeed :)
I love that dress, it looks great with the shoes!

A dreamer said...

little dude is just as good at posing as his mum.
thank god you hacked away at that dress. it was a little frightening in it's original state.

Lady Melbourne said...

Oh Skye, these photos are divine, that one of both your heads on the side is classic. How lucky you are to have such a gorgeous child in your life.

I often find all those things you mentioned above, as well as lace doilies. EVERYWHERE!


red.door.read said...

that pic of you and your little man where he's leaning is so gorgeous!

Missa said...

Oh man, your stripper scenario... hilarious, and the dress and shoes really do balance eachother beautifully!

Here's an equation for ya:
Little Dude + Souvenir Tee - Pants = ADORABLE!

Porcelain Blonde said...

I love those shoes, they are so fun.
And you know I think you could be on to something with "The Hole In One" strip joint idea...business venture, anyone?!

Tili_lili said...

Your kid made me smile, he's soooooooooo cute!

Phil said...

Smokin' hot shoes!!
(leans over to tuck a $20 in your garter...)