Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shoed I Stay or Shoed I Go?

Leopard print playsuit - Topshop online sale, price unknown*
Hussy wedges - $15 (new) from the Village Markets

Yes, that is a very, very, very bad pun up there. In fact I'm not sure if there is such an animal as a good pun, or even an indifferent pun - I think they might all be bad to the bone. I occasionally deploy them and then feel a little bit ashamed of myself, but what the hey!

*I cannot truthfully say how much that playsuit cost me because I bought it online on Christmas night after many delicious alcoholic beverages (and with Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket), and although it was on final clearance sale I'm pretty sure the currency conversion would have been a bit of a massacre. I just hit "complete transaction" on Paypal with my eyes closed and hoped for the best. Luckily it fits and is made of lovely swishy viscosey stuff which makes me feel like I'm wearing a big op-shopped old ladies leopard print scarf cunningly fashioned into a ruffly romper. Result!

The first shoes in question here are these suede wedges which I bought (reduced from $275 or something like) from our lovely local markets a couple of weekends ago. They are very lovely to wear, and I love the big chunky concealed platform and the smooth sweep of dark wooden wedge, but the colour (called "creme" on the Hussy website) is problematic. I'm also a little unsure of the ankle straps - are they perhaps a little bit tarty? Or stumptastic? Hmmm, I feel sure I've asked those questions before, about other garments. It seems I have some deepseated fears about appearing stumpy and/or tarty - yet I am quite sure I look like a slutty hobbit on a regular basis without a second thought. Interesting!

Here are the shoes without the ankle straps, what do you reckon?

Conventional wisdom states that the ankle strap is an automatic enstumpifier, and should be avoided by anyone who isn't at least 90% leg. When I bought the wedges I just assumed that I'd never even bother putting the ankle straps on, yet somehow I kind of prefer them - which leads me to my first question for your consideration. Straps or no straps?

The other question I have about these shoes is in regard to the colour. They're cream coloured suede and that means that:

a. they will get really grubby within about 5 minutes
b. they go with nothing in my wardrobe
c. I am rather leary of them due to my long-held and deepseated prejudices against light coloured shoes (and the wearers thereof).

They are suede, which means they would suck up some coloured dye like thirsty little vampires (or the newborn little dude in a crazed milk frenzy), so I'm very inclined toward painting them another non-"creme" kind of colour. So that's question number two. Should I dye them, or should I leave them in their off-white original shade?

I know this is all blurry, but I am very amused by the way the breeze picked up the ruffle/sleeve so it looks like I've rigged it up with fishing line or similar!

Which of course leads us logically to question number three - if I was to dye them, then what colour should I choose? Black is the obvious frontrunner due to versatility and trans-seasonal factors, but I keep being tempted by thoughts of jade green, fuschia or hot purple. Advice and suggestions not only gratefully received, but demanded!

Black pleather bootie things - $2 (not a typo) Rubi Shoes sale

Shoe Number Two is a much more straightforward proposition - should (or "shoed") they stay or should they go?

They're pretty pleathery, plasticky and all round nasty and come from a super el cheapo mall shoe store chain which smells noxiously of bubble gum and the toxic fumes belched out of unregulated Chinese factories. I bought them when I was hunting for accessories for my eighties theme party costume (husband refused to wear the pants by the way, despite the poll results), they were the freakishly low price of two bucks and I entertained notions of spray painting them white for the party.

I cannot for the life of me decide if they are ok or not. They are actually quite comfortable, but the pleather factor does put me off - not to mention the fact that they are some kind of unholy boot/shoe/biker boot/gladiator sandal hybrid the existence of which goes against all natural law. My other PVC/PU boots are my wet weather standbys, water resistant and impervious to destruction (and obviously with a half-life of 40,000 years), but these aren't going to be much use in the rain with those big cutouts in the sides.

So tell me, should I stick these in the charity donation bin under cover of darkness, or are they acceptable for openly wearing during daylight hours? As ever, I turn to you for guidance in these vital matters!

PS. The little dude has been hitting all sorts of milestones and rites of passage lately, including getting his first haircut. His crazy baby curls got fried by swimming pool chlorine and turned into frizzy matted semi-dreadlock disastrousness, so we were forced to take drastic action. Little dude very pleased with his new big boy hair, parents gradually getting used to more mature appearance of small ferret about the house!


Kathryn said...

Fuschia, absolutely!

Vasiliisa said...

You know, I actually like the creme shoes. Creme and all. I would keep them as they are... But I know they won't stay that way, so maybe dyeing is a good option. Hmm... purple?

Other than that, I think you lil dude is THE cutest!

Ría said...

You look so great! I love your shoes and the boots. I hope you got some time to visit my blog. I will start to write in english on the next post, so everyone could understand.
Hope to see you soon!

enc said...

oh BOY—look at that little dude!

Skye, if anyone was ever safe in ankle straps, it's YOU. You have the best set of gams I've seen in a long time, and I think that silly "rule" about ankle straps being enstumpifying doesn't apply to you or anyone else. The shoes are superb on you. If you'll allow me to quote WendyB: "Wear What You Want!"

A dreamer said...

please keep the first pair. they are just so damn sexy. im undecided about the second. they look good in some shots and crummy in others. i'll leave that one up to other commenters.

K.Line said...

OK, that leopard thing is pure awesome! And the shoes def look better with the strap. Given the "bigness" of the shoes, the strap delineates. Also, the colour is perfect for that outfit, so if you are going to need something to wear the playsuit with, I'd leave them cream. Also, I think they are a nice colour (though I see what you mean about how they're going to get dirty). I'd wait till they actually get dirty to change them up. You may be surprised at how they deflect crud. I have a pair that magically does that!

Dude's hair is sooooooo cute.

Sal said...

So many things to weigh in on!

1. I actually like the straps, although I never would've expected to. I say keep 'em.

2. Dye those guys. And I vote for a bright - hot pink, preferably.

3. Keep the booties. They're fantastic.

4. The little dude encutens with each passing day. It blows me away.

WendyB said...

I ADORE those wedges, with straps or without, doesn't matter.

WendyB said...

Also that whole bullshit about "cutting up the line of your leg" and stumpiness blah blah, is just that -- bullshit.

katiecrackernuts said...

I have short, stumpy legs and reckon I look better in ankle straps. I like the cream shoes with or without. Eek. Colouring the shoes could be fraught with danger, coudn't you use a suede sealant and spray that on to deflect muck and make them easier to clean - and avoid wearing them on wet days? For me it would be a cost thing. If they cost me like nothing and I could bear to lose it if I dyed them, then I'd recolour. If they cost a bomb, I'm keepin' them like they are.
I like the boots. Keep them in the wardrobe until winter and make a decision then.

Make Do Style said...

The wedges are tops! You can be versitile without or without straps and if you dye them, go fuschia, purple or colbat blue

Miss Lady Finger said...

Ok, first things first I adore the wedges - they're a little bit 'Marni' and a lot cool. I would wear them as is (but I have those colours in my wardrobe), so for you I would def. dye them. My instincts say 'chocolate brown', but that would detract from the wooden wedge. Sigh......decisions! BTW the ankle strap I kinda like! They look great both ways, but I must say ARE a little less stumpifying sans strap. As for the pleather booties - urghhh! They MUST go! Sorry for the did ask non?! xxx

thevintageyear said...

Ooo I love those wedges, they look great with or without the strap but are they ok to walk in without the strap? Your feet won't fall out or anything? I say wear those babies creme until they get grubby, then entertain the thought of dyeing them (perhaps after many more delicious alcoholic beverages).

Jennifer Ramos said...

NICE! I'm loving those booties! Great orice too WOW!

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Anonymous said...

love the leopard. I reckon dye those chunky suckers purple.

flair to remember said...

hello fellow cold ghoster! my 2c worth..
adore the first shoes, straps or not, your legs look lean, toned, long + all the good stuff! I actually like the cream, but if they don't go with anything, dye them! Although I will go against the general grain + recommend a boring neutral colour to go with everything as the shoes are HOT.
not the biggest fan of the second pair..


trishhunterfinds said...

Hahha I can relate completely about closing your eyes and clicking complete transaction, I've done it a few too many times, some regretted, some not but still, I usually could't afford it at the time. Ah well.
I'm LOVING the black boots!! I own nearly no boots, I just can't seem to pull them off.
I'm on the search for my dream pair which I have created in my head and am highly unlikely to find.
Hmm anyway
Thankyou for your food shopping tip!! It's exactly what I need to do!
Have a lovely day!!

dirtydirtylaundry said...

I absolutely love both pairs of shoes, especially the first pair. You always find the greatest bargains on the most lovely garments.

Sister Wolf said...

My god that boy is yummy! How can you stand it?!?!?!

I like the ankle straps. You can spray suede with some crap that makes the dirt stay off them.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I like both pairs, but I think the cream pair look best minus straps. I'm in the minority, though!

And thanks so much for your comment - it's good to know someone understands. I'm looking forward to popping champagne as well, but in the meantime it does feel like I'm eternally making excuses to people.

A xx

Eli said...

how cute! both of you :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-i adore the romper suit, just gorgeous!! I really love the shoes as they are in cream, with or without straps! keep them as they are, I say!

Blogette said...

I love them as cream! With or without the ankle straps. All keepers.
I've tagged you!

Home Girl said...

i rekkon straps (and ur legs) look great - stronger and edgier. purple sounds fun and a good 80's choice. am thinking u have way too many great shoes to ever need those booties - they r ok from a distance - but closeup... little dude looking too cute x

sarah! said...

Hey! Awesomeeee blog. I think the ankle straps really really look fine, but honestly if you look at your photos, the straps does make one's legs look shorter a little. But it still looks alright on you! And I'd suggest grey for those wedges? Or fiery red.
Btw, the second pair of boots could look better if paired with skinnies or something.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

they need to be grey.


LightStealer said...

I like them a lot in their natural shade. Isn't there always time to turn them black if they become grey-ish..?

Oh, and with the ankle strap they look definitely better to me :-)

The boots...not tooooo sure about. Nice design and look wonderful with the jumpsuit, but...well, dunno.

Joanna said...

1. I love the straps and also love the shoes without them. You have slim ankles and calves so you can do straps defintely.

2. I think a nice fushia or jade colour would be lovely. I agree, any light coloured shoe I have had is useless after about three wears.

3. Love the boots, definitely keep.

4. Your little man is delicious!

Annie said...

I think I prefer the straps. And AH!!! I'm crazy about those boots! $2????!!! You are the fucking queen

Missa said...

First off, I just want to reach through the screen and pinch those adorable cheeks, what a cutie! Earlier today when Clover saw this picture she got all giddy again and started smiling and pointing at the screen, I guess she approves of the haircut :D

Secondly, the thought of a slutty hobit made me laugh out loud, so thankyou for that!

As for the shoes, I think I prefer them with the straps though they also look good without and the cream is nice but if you do decide to dye them, the first color that came to mind before I even read which colors you were considering was a deep plum purple. I also liked the gray suggestion though. I'm totally a fan of the booties, maybe not with the leopard playsuit though ;)

StrikeMatch said...

Firstly, love the leopard print.
Secondly, I agree wear with straps or no straps as it suits the outfit.
Thirdly, definitely jade green! However, I'd either leave the strap white or colour it black as sort of a colour tie in option (if that makes sense???)

I'm not sure about the boots, the plasticy material is making me think no... said...

keep the creme shoes. ditch the ankle straps. word.

Simone said...

Love the outfit, wish I had the figure to wear it.

I prefer the shoes with strap. I would definitely dye them. What colour shoe do you need? None probably! HAHA. What about red or pink?

Undecided about the 2nd pair. if they are comfy then I guess keep them. comfortable shoes is a must in my eyes these days

amanda said...

LOVE the boots, the shoes look good either way but definitely dye them, i just don't like that colour personally, & the little dude looks so precious!

ginchyworld said...

At the risk of being a sheep in these comments....

keep the straps, dye the shoes fuschia.

You have such a cool little dude, he looks like he's got a fab and cheeky sense of humour in that photo.

esme and the lane way said...

Oh, I love the cream shoes – especially with the ankle strap, but then I can't go past an ankle strap. It makes walking in heels a billion times easier (for me) too. I comment their colour – I thought the about waiting to dye them once they got stained was pretty smart. :) But then I just really like pale shoes at the moment.

I quite like the black booties, too, though I can understand the blee at the pleatheriness. I really like the buckly-strappy thing, though. Seeing as they are so comfortable (and stain-resistant!) I'd say keep 'em! They would be safe near seaside water, if not rain...

ps the little dude looks SO adorable!

Imelda Matt said...

Keep 'em and use Warproo Suede Protector. That playsuit has my name written ALL OVER IT!

Anita said...

Keep the straps and my inital thought was die them orange! :P

That warproo protector is good though (I used to sell it at footlocker, 'twas one of the only add-ons that I actually liked selling 'cause it does actually work.)