Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Fine Figure of a Ferret


For various reasons (name/personality/cuteness/history/in-jokes of various kinds) the little dude's primary nickname around our house is The Ferret. So when I saw the magnificent bejewelled and rainbow-tassel-bedecked ferrets on this Romance Was Born tote, I was reminded powerfully of my first and only born son, and also filled with an evil covetous desire. Thus a whole year ago I made a resolution to buy it, come hell or high water, and went into the city to Alice Euphemia to get my paws on it. I had decided that I would buy it even if it was one hundred dollars, that's how much I wanted it. In other words, very, very much.

We call this sort of thing "Ferreting".


Of course it turned out to cost $250, and was therefore far out of the reach of my tiny grasping claws, so I just touched its hem a little bit, sighed a few times, and continued on my merry-ish way. The tote then joined the Nike Air Terra Humara on a very short list of things I search for on ebay when possessed by occasional fits of materialist madness, or idly look for when a bit bored, as the case may be.

Yep, he's a ferret. Indisputably.

A brand new one did finally come up in my ebay search a couple of weeks ago, I was empowered by Christmas money to bid a hundred ridiculous dollars for it (thank you mother-in-law and father-in-law), and now it lives with me and I feed it sweetmeats and groom its fur obsessively with a tiny pink glittery hairbrush.


I bet you thought there would be a miracle ending to this story where I found the bag in an op-shop for two dollars, or on a hard rubbish pile on a nature strip, or possums would leave it on my balcony for me as reparation for the loud dancing they do across our roof each night. Ah well, it's a happy ending anyway, even without magical possum bounty (although they did leave me a half gnawed apple core once, so that's something).

We're just ignoring the owl.

Shirt - $2 op-shop / hat - $4 op-shop / boots - $4 op-shop / pants - $10 Cotton On sales rack

PS. Cyrano, go bug mom!


Meg said...

I hear half-gnawed apple cores are a sign of great respect in the possum community, but I'd rather have that insanely gorgeous ferret tote (possums don't have the money to buy such things, you see). ;)

Carolina said...

It's like The Magic Roundabout on acid.

Hammie aka lisadom said...

I am ignoring the owl too. (and loving the small boy) xx

Fourth Daughter said...

I saw that bag and other things with that print at their exhibition, did you go?

L said...


Love it! Please, please can you post more? I miss your regular updates. I know that you're probably very busy now, what with the new job, but a loyal reader (but first time commenter) is begging you here.... :)

Love, L x