Sunday, August 21, 2011

Working Girl

Antipodium dress - $10 op-shop

Things have been a bit silent around Skylark and Son of late, due to end-of-winter lack of motivation (this seems to strike every year around the same time), and general laziness. I think posting will continue to be sporadic for a while at least (nb. sporadic is probably a generous description - occasional might be more accurate) as after six years of film stuff, vintage clothes selling and little dude wrangling, it is time for me to go and earn some proper grown-up money for a while.


Of course, I used this as the cue (excuse?) to go on an op-shopping and ebaying rampage, stocking up on pencil skirts and sexy secretary stilettos to augment the existing (but rarely sighted on the blog) grown-up sub-branch of my wardrobe.


Exhibit A:

This charcoal grey Antipodium dress looks like a potato sack in my photo, but has lovely detailing and a pleasingly Mad Men-ish tailored cling in actuality, plus the shocking pink lining is just like me right now - business on the outside, party on the inside!

A timely find, in light of the upcoming Sportsgirls Like Antipodium collaboration.

It's all a bit of a grand social experiment - the little dude is getting some serious daddy time, while I'm mixing it up with the commuters and grappling with the troublesome reality of pantyhose, but the less said about that the better as I'm already risking tights-fetishest incursions just mentioning the dreaded P word at all...

PS. Do people want to see work clothes? Or is that very dull?