Tuesday, January 24, 2012

El Sid

Bailed up!

First Class Marksman - from the first Ned Kelly series by Sidney Nolan


Ned Kelly 1946


Your money or your life!

Or should that be Happy New Year? Yes, happy new year is a wee bit friendlier, if a little late (except for lunar new year, which was just the other day). In any case, the little dude in daddy-crafted cardboard armour is a dead ringer for Sidney Nolan's version of Ned Kelly, and a terror of the laneway. I know there has been a certain little dude focus in posts of late, but he is a ferocious one man content generating machine, and the temptation is too strong to just post and be done with it. Laziness is both a blessing and a curse.

PS. Apologies to anyone who disapproves of little boys playing with toy guns, you might have to just gently avert your eyes from these photos...


my name is kasia. said...

hello again missy!

Anne Mage said...

that is the greatest costume and use for spare boxes.ever.