Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Ok, so I am just going to quietly un-hiatisify the blog for a bit and see what happens. There has been all kinds of tumult and film industry shenanigans since last I blogged, the upside of which is that we are back on the Gold Coast, released from our long exile in the dispiriting icy wastes of Melvin!   We are currently living in a beach resort apartment with really crummy wifi so I'm not sure what I can deliver in the way of a quality blogging experience (who am I trying to kid, I've never been sure about that), but I can only try.

Meanwhile the Goldy remains as sublime and ridiculous as it ever was.

Exhibit A:

The perfect sky as I lay under a pandanus tree on the headland, watching the waves and reading my kindle.


A battered paperback would obviously have been the approved hipster choice, but all our stuff is in storage for six months (due to aformentioned shenanigans). Also I am in hopeless co-dependent love with my kindle and its endless appetite for as many crappy freebie vampire love stories, typo-ridden sub-lovecraftian horror books and self-published time-travel thrillers as I can shovel into its gaping digital maw. 

Exhibit B:

I found a box of these at an op-shop the other day. Presented without further comment.





PS. Four year blog anniversary happened during my hiatus, and can't you tell from the decor around here. I should probably do a bit of renovation (get rid of the sooooo 2008 birds?), although I kind of like the old familiar. We've moved house six times and city and state and even briefly country in the last four years, but the blog has stayed the same throughout all of it.


Thrifted Treasure said...

Lovely to see you back! My man has gotten a kindle and I really miss the sound of a turning page beside me in bed as I try to sleep ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wowie, is it really you?! glad to see your back, for now, in the blogosphere!! weather looks fab in QLD :-)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

OMG. Those boobie stickers are amazeballs. Hiilarious!

I luff my kindle. It's changed my life. Although I miss browsing in bookstores. Not that there are many left to browse in...

K xx

Dressed and Eaten said...

Welcome back! Glad to see you blogging again.

Those boobies stickers really made my day. Wtf were they thinking? They definitely need to feature in an outfit post.

pepper said...

Welcome back!
Those stick on tops are blowing my mind. Sport & swim tops? they look like paper! I'll take 2 x jungle thanks.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

You're back! Wooooo!
And it's nice to know that you're still in the country and not halfway around the world!

Lavender said...

You always have such superior op shop finds. I have no words.
Lovely to see you back in my reader.

Merry Alana said...

Who on earth would wear those boob stickers??? Nice to see you back!

Skye said...

Thrifted Treasure - thank you! Lovely to see you too. Surely the little click of the page turner is just as soothing ;-)

Miss Kitty Cat - I think ereaders will be bad for bookshops but good for authors. I've never been a book buyer (a devoted library borrower instead) so i'm actually buying far more books now I have the kindle!

Dressed and Eaten - thank you! Considering I breastfed the little dude until he was almost two, it would take about three or four or possibly five sticky things per boob to gain any kind of control of the situation!

Pepper - looking at them through the packet in the op-shop, I think they are made out of stuff a bit like that thin craft foam that scrapbookers use. Doesn't make it any less bizarre (not to mention who on earth wants to stick anything to their delicate lady bits like that? Mine are cringing in sympathy!

Likke girl - I'm feeling sanguine about the whole thing, a summer in the mediterranean would have been nice though...

Lavender - hey, you had a baby! Congratulations! I have been so off the gride blog-wise for ages and ages.

Merry Alana - the mind fair boggles, doesn't it?!
Nice to see you too.

Angela said...

So happy to see you back in the blogroll today!!! Yipppeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, my periodic stalking of your blog has paid off! Glad to see you are back.


Constance said...

i love it!!!