Sunday, July 21, 2013

Extra, Extra!

Do you ever look at photos from earlier decades and think that everyone looks incredibly old, not just in a sepia-toned-and-wearing-hats way, but also like they have aged well beyond their years? Like the eighteen year old boys going off to fight in the Great War look about 35, and everyone's great-grandparents look late forties in their wedding photos but were in actual fact 22? I'd always assumed this was because of poorer nutrition and harder times in general, but after my experience as a 1940s extra in my husband's movie today, I'm thinking it was poorer nutrition and harder times to some extent, but the lion's share of the blame lies with the the hair, clothes and makeup - not to mention those godforsaken nylons!

We could be seeing dad off to war at the docks - if it weren't for the giveaway 2013 catering truck in the background. And my fluoro orange toenails (not seen onscreen).

I walked into the wardrobe and makeup trailers looking like my usual shaggy haired, bare-faced self, clad in a pair of metallic short shorts which the little dude disparagingly said made me look "like Barbie going to a ball with a Man Barbie." and walked out looking matronly, mumsy and twenty years older (although the little dude swore blind that I looked exactly like Princess Leia). I looked very authentic, thanks to the super talented women of the costume and makeup departments, but it was a time warp in more ways than one! 

Portrait of the Matinee Idol as a Young Man.

The little dude was completely thrilled with his costume and forties haircut though, he made a request that I find clothes for him like this on an ongoing basis. Not sure exactly how that would go down with his peers here on the Goldy, but he's a brave and plucky lad and seemingly impervious to peer group pressure, so who can say?

An old pro in the makeup trailer.

Apart from the costume, the food, the opportunity to use the camera controls, and the chance to meet lots of new and interesting people, I think the little dude was most excited to see his dad at work. I know I always get a thrill seeing my man in his element, and watching him grow and really spread his wings further as a director with every job he does is a wonderful thing for his old lady to see!

King of the Catering Unit.

 I'd love to tell you all about the gorgeous actors, amazing sets and the super cool set-pieces we watched, not to mention the all-in-a-single-shot virtuosity my husband pulled off today, but I am one hundred percent not allowed. There is a zero social media policy on set and I had to get special permission just to post these photos.

Stage door urchin.


 PS. When my hair was taken out of its five million bobby pins and the elaborate forties do disassembled, I was left with a huge (and slightly crunchy) curly eighties mane. I took a couple of phone photos on the bus home and they made me laugh because it was another time warp trip. From mumsy forties matron to moody eighties teenage terror, all in a single day!

PPS. Linking to Patty and Visible Monday, because when the movie screens I think part of my nose and knee will be visible!


Jessica said...

I think you look amazing in both versions! You simply MUST let us know what film this is when it's allowed, it would be such a kick to see you in it!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What a blast!

You both looked just fabulous!

Dying to know what film it is : ) I love period pieces.


Marla Robinson said...

very neat

Vix said...

Testament to what a fox you are to look so hot in possibly the frumpiest era of 20th Century! What a glorious smile you have and I'm dying with envy over your 1980s curls!
The dude looks adorable! xxx

Patti said...

What a fab photoshoot, both of you look wonderful. Love the hair! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

Fashion Hayley said...

I love that your son wants to dress like that all the time. That and his drawings in your last post - I wonder if a career in costume design is in his future? Could work with his father on films? Anyway my artist/architect husband was very impressed with his drawing skills, so detailed and especially with the separate section just on the hats.

Rachel said...

Wow, that sounds like such a cool experience! And it's true--those hairstyles from back in the day do seem to be very aging.

Skye said...

Jessica - I'm always a bit cagey about identifying my husband and his work directly because I don't want my blog coming up in his google search results!

Suzanne - it was a fun day. I tend to be very blase about film sets after all these years, but seeing it through the little dude's eyes makes it all exciting and fresh again.

Marla - thanks!

Vix - the eighties hair was awesome! Way better than I actually had in the eighties, when I tended to go fro the crimp.

Patti - thanks for hosting!

FashionHayley - I'll pass on the compliments to the artist! He is a detail man, that's for certain. I always wanted to be a costume designer when I was a kid, but unfortunately was completely untalented in all skills needed for the gig (except the fashion history bit).

Rachel - very cool, I must say the gorgeous young actors and dancers still managed to look very glam with their forties hair, but it was doing nothing for little stumpy old me!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Really impressive post ... and so much fun. What a great job all around on the photography, and your little guy clearly has a career on the Big Screen!
Thanks for such an entertaining post!

Laura said...

Your hair is amazing!

Veggie Mama said...

Ohhhh this reminds me of that time I was an extra in a 50s movie with Geoffrey Rush, pointy bra and all! I will see if I can dig it up and I'll put it on Instagram :)