Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Lucette silk dress - $8 op-shop

A bunch of kale nearly killed me this morning. Seriously, I was almost taken out with extreme prejudice by a rogue Superfood.  Kale, you're supposed to be zapping free radicals and "toxins", not getting me splattered across the highway like a nine dollar green smoothie tragically dropped on the footpath outside the juice place (I guess I'd actually make a red smoothie splatter, but let's not dwell on that mental image).  

Flora of a much less dangerous persuasion. Vintage leather and needlepoint clutch - $15 ebay.

I was dragging my trolley full of produce home from the markets and the kale somehow escaped and took flight ight in the middle of the highway. I went to retrieve it in a leisurely manner and then remembered that I'd crossed against the lights because there was no traffic for miles, and now there was traffic and it was bearing down on me fast. I had to run for it, trolley and all and only got out of the line of fire by a hair. 

When I made it to the other side the old dude waiting at the lights said, "I thought you were a goner there, love", which in this land of laconic blokes-of-few-words is equivalent to him freaking out hysterically and shouting "Jesus fucking christ lady, you were ALMOST KILLED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!11!"

So yes, kale is deadly. Chia seeds give me terrible bizarre hallucinatory dreams, coconut oil has no proven beneficial qualities at all, I'm not sure what Acai is but I'm highly suspicious of it, and goji berries are basically just cranberries with pretensions. Quinoa* is the only alleged superfood I'm fond of, although it is...(cue Jaws theme here) a carb.

I went out on a proper op-shop mission the other day, but there are no photos, because there was virtually nothing of interest to be found. Sometimes I just know an op-shop raid is going to be a total bust, and so it was with this one. Well, it was an almost total bust, but not quite. The very first oppy I went into, just across the road from school, and not even part of the day's op-shop itinerary proper, I found this on the rack of new stock to be put out:

The original rrp on this dress was $490.00, twelve months ago. Four hundred and ninety! And it fit! I knew as soon as I pulled the zip up on this that there was no way I'd find anything else of note all day. Whatever op-shop luck and pixie dust I might possibly possess had been well and truly blown on this first find, and the rest of the ops would yield nothing but racks of faded Free Fusion and haggard Hot Options as far as the eye could see.

I very, very rarely get any snarky comments or emails here (I'm obviously jinxing myself by saying that) except the occasional random congratulating me on my bravery for posting as a plus-size woman or something, but I did get an email recently which essentially accused me of lying about what I pay for my second-hand finds. As if! I've been posting here for five years, and compared to the magical fifty cent bin at my old favourite op-shop in Bondi, even six dollar Sass & Bide seems kind of pricey. So yeah, no lies, but I'm assuming almost everyone knew that already.

 It is blurry, but it says $6.00. Believe.

 Now with bonus intercom and power point!

It is a very summery sort of frock though, so it may have to wait until spring, or at least for one of the 23 degree faux spring days we get here a couple of times a week. We shall see!

*Apparently there are environmental and fair trade issues rendering quinoa problematic, I have yet to look into that properly though, so if you know more about it, please let me know.

PS. The little dude is the nephew of a pilot and the grandson of a Wing Commander, so when he saw this pilot's uniform (op-shopped the same day as the Sass & Bide dress), he threw himself to the ground before it, prostrate with joy. He is a most gratifyingly grateful gift recipient, I must say. I am hanging out for his birthday in a couple of weeks, we have a giant remote control battle ship hidden in the top of the wardrobe and he is going to one hundred percent lose his mind when he sees it!


Mother Down Under said...

What a find!
I had an op shop bust earlier this week.
I am always disappointed when nothing catches my eye...I bought a 50 cent tea towel to make myself feel better.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Still laughing over "bravery for posting as a plus-size woman". AS IF.

All the heavens must have aligned for you to scoop up that silk dress. Wow. Jealous. I scored a silk dress yesterday but it set me back $50 after tax and it was from a thrift shop. I'm never lucky enough to get one that is $6. In fact I'm like a homing device. Every thrift/consignment store I go into I can hone in immediately on the most expensive item in the store. It's a gift/curse.

The little dude is going to look so grown up in that uniform!


his_girl_friday said...

I have such dress envy! Love that bag too.

Marla Robinson said...

Beautiful orange dress and great finds.

Thrifted Treasure said...

You find the BEST stuff!!! I'm more of a bric a brac girl but on the rare occasions I trawl through the clothing rails all I find are feral nubbly old tartan skirts and threadbare sweaters, I'm obviously looking in all the wrong places!

Opportunity Knocks said...

Errrrt, I can never cook Quinoa, it always ends up like slush.
Also, the dress made me gasp! Everyone op shops in new zulund, so there is rarely anything of note, in fact, a dress of this calibre would satisfy my cravings for at least two weeks! Kudos!!

Ling said...

GET OUT! Such a great find and does it fit well?
Love that orange dress too!

Vix said...

Wow! That yellow dress is gorgeous, I've never heard of the label but you can tell it's quality! Love the one you're wearing, too and coveting that cute bag.
The dude must have been so excited when he saw that uniform, he's going to look too cute for words.
Kale? Bleurgh! I'm a veggie but that is a step too far! x

Skye said...

Mother Down Under - I usually get a scarf on those days, as a sort of consolation prize. You can always find a decent scarf somewhere, although I don't actually wear them, so it's not the most effective solution to the op shop bust problem!

Suzanne - the uniform is hilarious, it's a size 6 but it's still way too big on him, however he thinks he's the bees knees in it. I am magnetically attracted to the most expensive item in regular shops, but op-shops for some reason I've escaped the curse.

his girl friday - that's one of my favourite movies! Screwball comedy ftw!

Marla - thanks, I was pretty pleased with my own handiwork there.

Thrifted - I'm sure you're looking in the right place, but your op-shop gift is for bric a brac fossicking and so you are literally unable to see the clothes for the trees. I, on the other hand, have no bric a brac spidey sense and never see much in the way of anything I'd want in my house!

Opportunity Knocks - Quinoa, I get it fluffy every single time, but rice is just inevitably going to turn into a disgusting glutinous mass when I have any dealings with it. I just follow the instructions on the packet, so I don't even have a miracle tip to offer, unfortunately.

Ling - it fits perfectly, although it's a 6, so I obviously can't ever eat again if I want to continue to fit into it...

Vix - Sass & Bide is an aussie label, although I think they show in New York and whatnot these days. Nice things, but preposterously overpriced. I have found that kale varies massively depending on the variety. The thick rubbery curly cabbagey stuff is truly awful, but the light fluttery kind from the local lettuce farm here is actually lovely. It makes nice chips!

Simone Gooley said...

Hi have u sold the yellow dress???